guest blog: 5 reasons you should try fusion fitness

Have you ever heard of the term “fusion fitness” before? The term applies to combining 2 or more different disciplines or group exercise classes into one effective workout. In the past, 1 hour aerobic classes were commonplace. Today, studios like BodyRock Fitness/Fit Republic have created fusion classes like Rowing and Strength that combines amazing cardio on ergs as well as kettlebell and other strength components off the erg. Or you can try a class that combines Indoor Cycling and TRX. The interplay of cardio, flexibility and strength training combine to create really effective workouts to keep the body guessing and help create results.

Here are five reasons why fusion fitness is here to stay:


1)     Fun.

Let’s face it, the main reason people stick to an exercise regime is fun. Variety is the spice of life so it is really fun to sample different types of classes in 1 workout session. A style of class that can be intimidatingiStock_000002395839_Small (Indoor Cycling/Ride) when combined with a Barre class to create Biker Barre allows participants who can’t fathom riding for 50 minutes, an opportunity for success as they can ride hard for 25 minutes followed by 25 minutes on the Barre to isolate glutes and legs and create lean muscles.

2)     Fitness Results.

The body responds well to change and a mix of classes can help maximize your training. For example TRX (Suspension Training) is “core on all the time.” When you combine TRX with Indoor Cycling, you can get a combo of cardio and strength training.


3)     Effective.

Fusion workouts make the most of your time in the studio/gym. Most people want total full body results like washboard abs, chiseled arms and increased cardiovascular fitness but it is hard to get the full spectrum of these benefits unless you take a hybrid class.


4)     Flavour.

Mixing your favorite classes together opens up tons of new workout possibilities. Some classes naturally have a fusion of discipline like HIIT (high intensity interval training). This class is hugely successful as clients perform a variety of exercises for short periods of intensity such as Bosu squats (from a Bosu class) to front kicks (found in a Fight class). Workouts become fresh and exciting and give you a taste of what would be offered in different group exercise classes.


5)     Mind-Body connection.

You will never be bored. Trying something new every day will keep you out of a rut and help expand your horizons. Speaking of opening your mind and trying something new, please check out Anti Gravity @ Fit Republic. This is Calgary’s only certified studio that uses silk hammocks for strength, yoga and cirque du soleil type moves.


 Ruth Everett

RuthRuth Everett is our guest blogger from Bridgeland’s neighbourhood fitness studio BodyRock Fitness. The second studio Fit Republic ( will be opening August 2014. She loves to mix it up and create fusion workouts including Rowing/TRX, Core Music Video Ride and TRX/Rip Trainer.

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