10 do’s and dont’s of Stampede week

Stampede has officially begun! Between rodeo shows, wild roller coasters and fried, deep fried and more fried foods it’s easy to let your body get run down, beater up and exhausted. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are just a few pretty simple do’s and dont’s to help you sail through an enjoyable Stampede experience.


DO hydrate yourself with electrolyte drinks such as coconut water, Himalayan sea salt, or Emergen-C, make sure you are drinking water throughout the entire day.


DON’T wake up and start drinking to get a head start.


DO eat a good breakfast before going to the grounds, make sure it includes protein!


DON’T only fill up on mini donuts and scorpion pizza at the grounds.


DO bring a couple of your own snacks – ie. almonds, fruit, carrot sticks or protein shake.


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DON’T forget to wear sunscreen and potentially a hat.


DO use a natural sunscreen with zinc oxide as a primary ingredient.


DON’T leave your drink unattended! This is a no brainer ladies, stay safe.



DO take b vitamins & magnesium to decrease your potential hangover (for more insight read- How to prevent a hangover)


DON’T skimp on sleep for the entire week- make sure you give your body optimal resting time too!



Most importantly, have fun! Remember to fuel your body, not deplete it completely. Try not to let all the fun wear you out and stay safe! Don’t walk home alone, always let someone know where you’re going and keep your valuables safe. Don’t let the festivities take over your common sense.

Have fun!


Madison Isenor C.H.N, Iridologist

MadisonI am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, CHN™ and have a transcript in Iridology from the Canadian Institute of Iridology. I achieved my diploma with honors in holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta. My vast knowledge of supplementation has been acquired from working in naturopathic clinics, health food stores and ongoing education through webinars, books and podcasts. It is important to me to have up to date information on the newest nutritional research and popular diets. I have also completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Brazil in 2013 with Define Yoga.


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