the liver and its emotions

The human body is a unit of three systems: the physical, the physiological and the psychological. There are still lots of unknowns as to how these systems interact with each other, but it is clear that they do. As seen in “the important of the liver from an osteopathic perspective” the liver plays an important role in digestion and metabolism.  However, it also affects the emotional well-being of the human body. If a person has a liver dysfunction, where it isn’t working as well as it should, they may express certain emotions and behaviours, such as anger and depression. To read more please visit this link .

Natalie Pateman BSc. – Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Natalie PatemanNatalie is a UK trained, and qualified osteopathic manual therapist and cranio-sacral therapist. She has completed a 4 year full-time course in osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London (U.K.) followed by additional courses in cranial osteopathy, pediatric osteopathy and animal osteopathy.

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