9 things a nutritionist won’t live without

Have you ever wondered what a holistic nutritionist has in the kitchen?

Here is a list of the top items in my kitchen.

    1. A good quality food processor.  This is the most used small kitchen appliance that I own.  It can be used to mix batters, various dips, puree dates, make nut butters and shred or chop vegetables.  I am sure you could even use it to make a smoothie.


    1. Coconut oil. This item has so many uses.  It is a great, quality oil for cooking with, but it also doubles as a skin moisturizer.  No kitchen or home should be without coconut oil. See Madison’s blog “why everyone should have coconut oil in the cupboard”


    1. A good set of pans including cast iron and stainless steel.  Good cookware can make all the difference.  Some people might be intimidated by cast iron but it really is my favorite to cook with, and surprisingly it has a non-stick effect.  Stainless steel is also great and you avoid all those nasty toxins such as Teflon.


    1. A set of glass storage containers.  Forgo the plastic containers if you can that have the potential to leach chemicals such as BPA’s into your food.  Especially if you are heating food in a microwave or storing hot food in your containers.  Sticking with glass eliminates this possibility.


    1. Himalayan sea salt.  Sea salt is more than just salt, the good stuff can contain up to 84 trace minerals.  It can season food, and be put into your water to act as electrolytes.  Toss the regular table salt that has no health benefits and start using real sea salt.


    1. Flax and chia seeds.  Extra sources of fiber, protein and fats, chia and flax are excellent additions to your kitchen.  Chia can be used in a pinch for a quick breakfast or snack when mixed with the milk of your choice.  Add flax to your oatmeal in the morning for that extra fiber and fats.flaxseeds istock


    1. Coffee grinder.  Not only does it grind coffee beans for all you coffee drinkers out there, but I use it to grind my flaxseeds into a powder so I can access all those wonderful health benefits.


    1. A great knife.  Once again, a good knife makes all the difference when prepping food.  Even invest in one good quality, chopping knife if a set is not possible.


    1. Lemons.  Lemons are a great way to add flavor to a meal or make a delicious salad dressing.  But more than that they help your body detoxify and kick start your digestion in the morning.  Use a half squeezed lemon in warm water every morning!



Tracy Thiessen


TracyTracy Thiessen is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, C.H.N.C.™.  Her interest in nutrition started at a young age, when she learned how to prepare meals but also began to question what was in the foods she ate.  Her curiosity and interest continued after seeing major improvements in her own health after modifying her diet and altering her lifestyle, which led her to study Nutrition.

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