4 ways to battle anxiety & depression

Anxiety and Depression are two of the most common mental health concerns and they have many forms. Fortunately there are so many things you can do in terms of help and support.

The first mistake we commonly make is think that we are alone and that nobody has had the same struggles. More than 20% of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime- pretty big numbers. And yet most people still feel alone and isolated when experiencing these issues. What we can do to fix that is to talk about it! Reach out and ask for help and allow yourself to feel empowered by your desire to figure your thought process out and strive for happiness. Since everyone’s path is so unique, each form of therapy may help each person in a different way. That being said, they do take a bit of trial and error, but you just have to push through and keep your eye on the prize!

Here are some helpful forms of therapy that can be used in conjunction with any other type of therapy.


1. Aromatherapy

A common relative of anxiety is depression, so these can be very useful in uplifting you out of the dumps when your not having a great day. The nice thing about these is you can rose oiluse them as often as you like! Try to pick scents that are invigorating for the day and calming for the evening. Some great day picks are bergamot, Clary sage, and a combo oil at Naturmend called ‘unwind your mind’. For bedtime, I would go for something more relaxing like lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, or another formulation called ‘Calm’ (Also available at Naturmend). Scents are very personal, so keep an open mind and  go sniff out what’s right for you!

2. Get Outside!!

It’s really easy to stay home and isolate yourself when you feel uncomfortable and unwell, but the absolute best thing you can do for yourself is get moving! Go outside for a walk, take your dog to the park, or even just sit on your front step and take in the fresh air. This will do wonders for your physical and emotional well-being and help keep cabin fever at bay.

3. Kind speech

We are constantly underestimating the power of our own words. You are the first person you hear and although it feels like other peoples words have more pull, it’s our own negative thoughts and words that drive it home. You have been with you your whole life so whatever you say must be true because you know you better than anyone…right? That’s where the trouble lies. We create skewed beliefs about ourselves which in turn become personal truths. When personal truths are negative, they do all harm and no good. Kind speech is the idea that you only speak and think about yourself in a kind manner. Consciously speak and think about yourself  like you would to a child. When we speak to a child our words soft and we become more understanding and forgiving. Repetition is key in implementing this skill. You may not feel the effects immediately, but it’s worth it.

4. Positive Affirmation Cards

This is as easy as it sounds! Sit down and brainstorm where (home/office/car etc.) you feel stressed, anxious, irritated, or sad and come up with some positive words that you can read and focus on to bring you back to your goal of feeling positive, safe, and healthy. Make them meaningful and obvious so that when you come in and sit down it’s right in front of you in big bold letters. Take some deep breaths and repeat those words until you feel calm. You may have to do it 10 times one day or 1 time another day, but soon they will just become words you live by.

Most importantly, remember that you can do anything you decide to do, and you’re not alone if you need help along the way. If you have any questions or if you want to share some words of wisdom, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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