Be Kind to Your Mind

We repeatedly hear that we have the ability to determine our own happiness. How can we channel our thought processes to a positive space?

Here are 6 ways to help generate positivity in our everyday lives:

  1. Be true to yourself. There is nothing that can make you feel worse than constantly having to worry about trying to be someone you’re not. When we try to portray ourselves in a manner that does not resonate with our inner self, we automatically self-inflict an internal battle between our mind and the physical brain. Ultimately, this can generate negative thought processes by which we start judging ourselves.

  3. Partake in 3 activities (mental and/or physical) everyday that revolve around you. Whether it be exercising, cooking a healthy meal, painting, or any other activity that you wish; make yourself a priority. We often get caught up in helping others, taking care of our families and investing time in relationships and our jobs and we forget about our own needs and desires. Although our personal needs and desires may indeed consist of taking care of others, we must take time out to ensure that we are taken care of too. This in turn will help to regulate stress levels, ensure positivity and boost self-confidence levels.

  5. Reflect. Bring yourself to a serene state of mind, even if it is just for a few minutes everyday. Ground yourself before you begin your day, re-visit your personal goals, reflect on your day, and determine Goal settingareas you want to improve upon about yourself. Take a moment to pay close attention to particular body sensations at a particular moment in time. Perhaps, you may want to take one word that inspires you and correlate your breathing with that word while you repeatedly say it internally to help internalize your thoughts and feelings. Recording and reflecting ideas, behaviors and thoughts can help us discover a lot of unknown positive qualities about ourselves that we never knew existed.

  7. Avoid ruminating on what could have, should have and would have happened. The past is gone and we cannot go backwards to change what’s already been etched in stone. Be aware of what is here and now. Ruminating on past events can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, because when we ruminate, we often start to generate negative feelings about others and ourselves. No one needs this negative energy, especially you!! You have control over how you shape your thoughts. Negative thoughts are often a product of a “domino effect” of multiple smaller negative thoughts, which may be buried deep in our subconscious being. Eventually, continuous triggering of these multiple smaller negative thoughts can turn into false perceptions that you start having about yourself! This brings me to my next point.

  9. Forgive and Forget.  It’s not like you’ve never heard of this one before! Forgiving and forgetting releases you from the worries attached to particular people, emotions and situations. If you can truly forgive and forget with your heart, you have opened up another spot to be filled with positive thoughts. Subconsciously holding onto grudges, words, and negative emotions is detrimental to the mind, which in turn can manifest physically in the form of disease. Forgive, forget, and look forward.

  11. Compliment Yourself…. This needs no explanation whatsoever. Don’t be shy. You deserve it!!


Your physical self is not completely detached from your inner self. Your inner state of being, mind and soul ultimately impact the cognitive processes that run in your physical, tangible brain. Be Kind to your Mind and positive vibes will follow you everywhere!


Nadia Mawji ND (Cand 2015)


nadiaBorn and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Nadia is a University of Calgary graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Dance. She is currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic Medicine’s holistic approach is what intrigues her the most about this field of medicine. In particular, she values the strong doctor-patient relationship that can be cultivated in order to guide patients through treatment. Nadia is a recipient of the Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh Young Canadian’s Award Challenge, which was awarded to her for her long-term involvement in community service, skill, physical activity and camping adventures. In her free time, Nadia enjoys volunteering with youth around the city, maintaining her daily fitness routines at the gym and spending time with her family and friends.

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