Breathwork Event with Matty and Dr. Brandy James

If you are looking for a deep practice to help with physical, emotional and spiritual blockages from the distant or recent past then join Matt McGill and Brandy James as they use two fascinating tools to go deep quickly.

By using an open mouth technique we breathe energy and awareness into areas that we have forgotten we could breathe into.

This is a return to the breath we where all born with. The deep belly breathing that you see new born babies naturally use. We forget this because we spend most of our lives sitting in a desk or living in the “fight or flight” response. The breath becomes shallow and reactive to the stress in our lives.

This Breath workshop is a fast track to  unwinding all those bad habits we consider normal.

Following the Breath work Dr Brandy James will allow us to go even deeper with the practice of Dyads. This practice helps us work on the listening part of conversation. Rather than thinking about what to say next we learn how powerful it can be to hold space for someone to be truly heard. The result?

YOU will also be heard.
Join us for this unique event in the peaceful Naturmend space.
When: November 18th at 7pm
Where: Naturmend 905 1 Ave NE
Cost: $40 at the door
Call us to register! 403 457 3205

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