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Halloween is quickly approaching! The time has come to bustle about and pick out costumes ( if your a last minute shopper like we are) and prepare for the night of childhood indulgence and sugary goodness. If your a mother, you’re also prepping yourself for the long night, sugar crash, and candy hangover to come. As a parent who’s focus is on balance and nutrition, the idea of trick or treating may be a bit of a dilemma. Although the treats that are being handed out are getting a bit better through the years, it’s still not the greatest from a health point of view. Are there any tricks for healthy treats?

Community Natural Foods is a GREAT resource for natural/organic halloween options. Luckily, there are quite a few look alike options for swapping out some of those not so desirable goodies, including some better choices with healthier sourced ingredients.

Something I found worked best with my little one, was to let him pick out the trade off candies. By asking him to choose, he was able to get excited about the things he was picking and was less reluctant to trade his goodies with me later on in the evening. From experience- it’s going to have to be a pretty decent trade if he’s going to pony up the dough and still feel like he isn’t missing out, so try to get a few different options and get creative! One of the most attractive parts of trick or treating is the decoration, so the same rules apply to your natural treats.The replacements don’t necessarily have to be all candy either! Here are some things my four year old son Ben picked out:

Yum Earth Organics Lollipops– These come in a ton of different tasty flavors, and are made with real fruit extracts, are gluten free, and have no artificial dyes and flavors.


Veggie- Go’s Fruit Leather- These are gluten free as well and have no added sugar. They are also individually wrapped so you can put a bunch in the bag and they can unwrap and enjoy.


Community Foods Chocolate Sundrops– These are wonderful because they look like smarties! If your feeling creative, you can buy little halloween goody bags or boxes and fill them with these.

Halloween party with children having fun in fancy costumes



Neal Brothers Foods Organic Cheesies–  A great swap for Cheetos or Nacho chips. Again, wrapping things up and making them festive makes it more special and keeps it exciting.


Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers/ Cheddar Bunnies– These whole grain little bunnies come in little sachet variety packs and have no artificial anything!


Truffle Pig Bar/Truffles– Personally, these are the easiest trade. My son ADORES these. These chocolates come in awesome flavors from bubblegum to mint chocolate chip so they are an easy swap.


Witch making kit- Putting together a simple craft is fun but also a really great way to help them wind down before bedtime. Cut up some witch body shapes, some string for hair, glue, and a pair of googly eyes and it’s good to go.


Toys + Stickers- We made a quick trip to the craft store for some cool halloween stickers and grabbed some little halloween toys to complete Ben’s Halloween swap.


And then there is bedtime…. A little dab of lavender oil on the chest will help calm those over excited little ones and improve their sleep.


These are some tips that have worked for my family, but I would love to hear some of yours! Feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments below. Most of all remember to have fun and enjoy the festivities!


Happy Halloween!


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