An attainable fountain of youth

If you are looking for the fountain of youth, you can stop looking. It’s been found… unfortunately it’s not a magic potion or a special pool you can bathe in and reverse all signs of age again.

Fortunately, there are real and proven ways to live longer and healthier lives.  For these discoveries, we have to thank a team of researchers that has interviewed the world’s longest living populations. Dan Buettner and his team have been traveling the globe looking for clues to longer lives by examining the behaviours of those who live longer than the rest of us.

Through this research, fives areas with long living populations were found. These areas included Sardania, one of the Greek islands, a peninsula of Costa Rica, Seventh Day Adventists and some Japanese populations.

When looking for clues as to why inhabitants of these regions lived longer, nine beneficial behaviours were found:

  • Being physically active naturally – finding ways to be active throughout the day is essential. Individuals that live long healthy lives do not practice short bouts of intense physical exercise like weightlifting or jogging but have gardens and are active at home. Energized by the city's vibe


  • Having a sense of purpose – having a reason to get up in the morning is essential to happiness and longevity.


  • Managing stress – from naps to prayer, the world’s longest lived individuals have ways to reduce the effects of daily stress.


  • Maintaining a healthy body weight – exercise portion control and eat until you are no longer hungry but not full.  As an example, the Okinawans follow an 80% percent rule; they eat until their stomachs are 80% full.


  • Eating mostly vegetarian – long living populations rarely eat meat, on average 5 times a month.


  • Happy hour – drinking in moderation with food and ideally with your friends increases longevity. Indeed, moderate drinkers live longer than non-drinkers. You can have one or two drinks per day but you must avoid binge drinking.


  • Finding a support network – belonging to a community and attending a faith-based service weekly can add 4-14 years to your life.


  • Remembering that blood is thicker than water – keep your loved ones close, invest time and energy into your children and support your aging parents and grandparents and you stand to gain years of longevity.

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  • Surrounding yourself with people who have similar values – behaviours are contagious. Being surrounded by people with healthy lifestyles will encourage you to maintain healthy behaviours of your own.


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Ludovic BrunelDr. Ludovic Brunel an exceptional physician with strong clinical skills grounded in scientific knowledge. He has helped design and formulated several dietary supplements for some of the most advanced nutraceutical companies in Canada. Dr. Ludo has also helped develop and implement wellness strategies for corporations and businesses looking to improve the health and happiness of their employees.

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