yoga pose of the week #3

Welcome to the third week of September!

As the days get shorter and the weeks feel longer, don’t we all just wish we could float down steady waters on a big beautiful boat? Well, this weeks yoga pose Navasana, is otherwise known as boat pose, but you will need your imagination along for the ride.

Lets talk about the benefits before we delve into the yoga pose:

  • Strengthens your core, lower back, hip flexors, and legs. What more do you need in a pose! Remember though, it doesn’t come without the work.


Here we go.

Find your sits bones on the mat. You can begin with an easier variation because traditionally in an ashtanga practice you would do anywhere from 5 to 10 of these in a row, taking 5 long deep breaths in each one. Today I will guide you through 5… but you don’t have to stop there!

Bend your knees and bring your feet flat on the mat in front of you. Come on the the top of your sits bones in order to find a strong flat lower back. Bring your shoulder blades together and down your back, without poking out your lower ribs.boat pose 1



On an inhale lift the legs, keeping them bent, while holding on to the backs of the knees. Stay for five breaths, maintaining a straight spine and a strong core. At the end of the five breaths, without releasing the pose completely, press both hands into the floor, cross the ankles and lift yourself up, then go into boat number two.

In this one, if your feeling strong, release your hands from your legs keeping them lifted beside your body. After 5 breaths press and lift, then come back down for boat number three.

In this one try to straighten the legs if the hamstrings are feeling flexible. Stay for 5 deep long breaths. Press your hands, lift your bum and come back for the last boat ride.

If you would like to work your obliques as well you can bring your hands into prayer at the centre of your crest and turn only your chest to one side and hold, then the other side and hold.

Navasana is not loved generally in the yogi world but it builds strength quick. For lean abs and strong triceps try doing this yoga pose every day for three weeks. It can only get easier!



Yogi Madi

Madison Isenor C.H.N, Iridologist

MadisonWith years of experience in holistic health, Madison is passionate about educating others in their desire for optimal wellness. After achieving a diploma in holistic nutrition, Madison went on to receive her 200-hr yoga teacher training in Brazil. She has an eagerness to learn accompanied by a willingness to grow and develop personally.

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