yoga pose of the week #2

As we enter our second week of September, which is Movement Month at Naturmend, I will be guiding you through another yoga pose, Garudasana.

Garudasana, commonly known as Eagle Pose, is a great pose for opening the shoulders as well as for balance. It is good for centering the mind, opening the back body, and steadying your thoughts.

Begin by standing. Spread your arms wide, then cross your right arm over your left. You can either grab for opposite shoulders or if it feels okay bring your palms to touch (or somewhere close to that).

garudasanaIf adding on, slightly bend into the knees and cross your left ankle over your right knee. If this feels okay on the hips and your balance is strong continue into the full pose by wrapping your left leg around your right. If you can hook your left foot around the calve then do so. Continue to breathe and build strength into the standing leg.

If your shoulders feel okay you can gently lift the elbows, gaining more sensation. Untuck the chin to maintain the steady breath.

Unravel and try the other side.

If your balance is off, try with just crossing your legs instead of fully wrapping them. You can also do any balancing poses while holding onto a wall. Furthermore, you can do garudasana arms in multiple poses such as toe squats, warrior B, or as a warm up posture on the floor.

As always you can ask me to demo this for you at Naturmend if you are confused by my cues.




Madison Isenor C.H.N, Iridologist


MadisonWith years of experience in holistic health, Madison is passionate about educating others in their desire for optimal wellness. After achieving a diploma in holistic nutrition, Madison went on to receive her 200-hr yoga teacher training in Brazil. She has an eagerness to learn accompanied by a willingness to grow and develop personally.


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