dr. sarah’s homemade natural deodorant recipe

It’s Environment month at Naturmend, a time to bring attention and movement towards making our environment healthy.  What better environment to cover in this week’s recipe then that of you armpit – full of its own bacteria, moisture and uniqueness.  Given the importance of of your daily exercise and sweating regime as you navigate throughout your environment, try this homemade natural deodorant recipe.  It’s easy, cheap, clean, and technically edible. (Although I’m not too confident about its taste factor!)

Why do we care what goes onto the underarm?  Because it is skin, and skin absorbs and cycles materials.  Conventional deodorant runs the risk of exposure to such things as aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, TEA, DEA, FD&C colors, and Talc.  These sorts of deodorant boogie men have been associated with endocrine disruption, allergies, neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity, respiratory irritants, and other yucky conditions that we can and should do our best to prevent.  Avoidance is key so start here by making our own deodorant.

Dr. Sarah’s Natural Homemade Deodorant Recipe

  • deodorant-1-300x3001/4 C coconut oil (available at Naturmend)
  • 2 tbsp of cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp and 1 tsp baking soda
  • 20-25 drops of lavender essential oil (Pure Potent Wow out of the Naramata Bench, B.C. is the essential oil line that Naturmend carries…and are they ever divine!)
  • add cornstarch and baking soda to soft or desired consistency
  • melted coconut oil. add essential oil
  • transfer to glass container (avoid plastics as they too are toxic to the body)


Now, slather on your health-conscious, homemade natural deodorant, step outside, take a deep breath, and conquer the day – smelling lovely of course!

Yours truly,

Dr. Sarah Kent

Sarah KentDr. Sarah Kent is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor specializing in your health.  She blends traditional knowledge with current scientific understanding to generate wellness within her patients. She has received specialized training in naturopathic sports medicine, applying the principles and tools of naturopathic care in treating athletes.




*recipe adopted from One Green Planet website.


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dr sarah


Sarah Kent is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Bridgeland. An athlete, Sarah understands the need to be healthy, so optimal training & racing can be realized.  She offers free 15 min consultations at Naturmend, come in and chat with her today.


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