stampede specials

Stampede time!cowgirl

100 years of stampede probably means everyone is going a little harder this year at the grounds. 10 days of family, fun, smoking hot days, long line ups, mini donuts and beer. Sounds fun, but also sounds like it can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t prepared.

Some of our features this week are for supporting you through these 10 days of rowdiness.

Q Energy Drink – this is a HEALTHY energy drink. We know, because we researched them before bringing their product into Naturmend. This drink from British Columbia features nutritional powerhouses such as quercetin, ginseng, rhodiola and gingko. They’ve coloured it naturally (yams) and use a very small amount of sugar and some stevia for sweeteners. Not bad at all!

Greens first! – One of our favourite greens product. Loaded with great ingredients, this greens actually tastes good! Don’t believe us? Come down and check it out, you’ll be surprised.

Milk thistle – protect that liver if you are planning on indulging this week at Stampede. We are featuring our Natural Factors Milk thistle phytosome. Get a great deal on some serious liver support.

We’ve got more, but you’ll have to come down to check it out…

Enjoy the grounds and stay cool!


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