Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care

Depiction of a cell damaged by cancerNaturmend is one of the few Naturopathic clinics in Alberta that offers quality Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care.

Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care uses naturopathic medical principles to assist conventional medical therapies (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) with the goal of treating the whole person.

Our NDs have received additional focused training in providing Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care to patients undergoing conventional oncology treatments, to ensure that therapies recommended do not interact with conventional medical care (chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy and other targeted therapy, and more). Our goal is to support conventional medical treatments, so that patients are able to complete treatment cycles with less side effects and without compromising the intended purpose of conventional medical treatments.

A big part of Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care involves patient education. Please note that your ND may make recommendations to stop certain supplements that you may be taking, due to interactions with your conventional medical therapies and for your safety.

Benefits of integrative cancer care:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Aim to reduce the risk of recurrence
  • Aim to increase efficacy and completion of conventional cancer treatments
  • Optimal diet and nutrition
  • Track the progression of treatments
  • Side effect management from chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy
  • Aim to prevent cancer in patients with a family history of cancer and those in remission


Dr. Nadia Mawji, ND has a practice focus in Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care. Book a free 15 minute consultation with her today.